Deco My Tree app - Xmas messages - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

Hey everyone, today we'll be taking a look at the DECO My Tree app, a messaging app for the Christmas season. Let's dive in and explore its features and functionalities.

DECO My Tree is a unique app that allows users to create their very own Christmas tree and share it with friends. Much like the popular app NGL (Not Gonna Lie), DECO My Tree also features a similar design. However, its focus is on allowing friends to decorate your tree and send messages to both the tree and to you.

Using the app is quite simple. After creating your tree, you can copy the link to share it with others. Additionally, you can also share the link along with a screenshot. This makes it easy to add the DECO My Tree link to your Instagram profile or share it on your Instagram stories. Once someone visits your link, they can begin decorating your tree by adding messages.

When a friend decorates your tree, you'll receive a notification with their message. Simply write the name of the sender and click "decorate" to see the new message. Refreshing the app allows you to view all the messages received. However, it seems that there may be sporadic issues with message visibility.

DECO My Tree also offers a range of settings for customization. In the settings section, you can find options such as deleting your account, frequently asked questions, signing up, logging in, deleting messages, and modifying tree settings. You can also choose to make your tree public or private, giving you control over who can view and decorate your tree.

While the app was initially designed for the Christmas season, it can be used all year round. With DECO My Tree, you and your friends can enjoy the festive spirit whenever you like.

In conclusion, DECO My Tree is a fun and engaging app that allows users to share and decorate virtual Christmas trees with friends. It adds an interactive element to holiday celebrations and can be enjoyed beyond the Christmas season. Give it a try and spread the joy of decorating with your loved ones!

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