Deleting characters in app - how to do it?

Deleting characters in the app can sometimes be a bit tricky, as mentioned in a recent video transcript. The process is not as straightforward as one might think. Here are the steps outlined in the video:

  1. Sign in to your account: The first step is to log back into your account to access your characters.
  2. Adjust visibility settings: If you want to remove a character, you may not be able to delete it directly. However, you can make the character's visibility private, so it is not visible to others.
  3. Consider removing your account: Deleting a character may not be possible without completely removing your account. By doing so, you will lose all characters associated with your account, as well as chat histories.
  4. No direct deletion option: At present, the app does not offer a direct option to delete characters individually. The only way to remove a character seems to be by deleting the entire account.

As per the video transcript, the process of deleting characters in the app may seem a bit unconventional, especially if you have multiple characters that you wish to remove. It is worth noting that as of now, the app does not provide a straightforward way to delete characters individually.

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