Deleting your own BeReal - guide

here is burial app and a lot of people are asking uh in the comments how to delete your own be real so i figured it out so after you posted the photo basically you you can do it only to your latest photo so not to previous ones so here just tap on the date like not here's my photo in the top just below where it says add a caption there is two hour late so tap on that gray text it can be one hour late for you or just nothing else and then you have options here in the bottom right and then here you can tap delete my burial and then you can just tap uh you can only delete your bureau once a day you won't be able to delete the next one you post so that's what you can do and then let's just try it out to see what happens so i don't like my burial i was in the russia i took their own photo and then yes i'm sure you so you want to delete your burial delete and there you have it so now now you can the post late be real again so you will have i think you will still have an option to post a late period so now i will be able to post it i can still retake it this one so and then here i can change the privacy of my burial as you can see i can change or enable location and then i can tap send and then let's see what happens now so i deleted my period if i again go to two hour late and tap on options and then it says delete my burial not available so as you can see because i just deleted my previous bureau so that's what it is right now and yep so that's uh that's what you have it um so as you can see you can delete your burial but you can do it only once per day after that you can retake it but then you won't be able to delete this burial and i also don't know if tomorrow if i take a be real i will be able to um to delete it again because but after tomorrow i think it should be possible again to delete also you can't delete your bureaus from like yesterday or i mean if you took a burial yesterday and today you won't be able to delete yesterday's burial so only today's one if you go to your memories these are just your private memories and deleting from memories you can do it here won't delete it from the feed or from your friends feed so it just will delete from your from your own memories archive so that's how it works at the moment that's the idea and yep so i hope you enjoyed this of course this feature is it's a bit hidden in the app and i understand app developers because they don't want people to easily find an option to delete bureaus because otherwise you know there will be less and less content on the app so it's uh of course they just want more content and faster growth for the apps that's why they hidden this deletion option a bit and i was struggling to really find it so that's why i created this video to show you up because this app is also called like authentic instagram and you have this like two minutes to post a photo and you can be like you know traveling in some weird situation and you can post some weird photo and you can post it like to everyone in defeat and then it's like what i need to do like i don't want this photo to appear on the internet because i posted it really really quickly so then if you didn't delete some previous videos either you need to reach out to their support or you need to delete your account and your data completely this is just in case you are super concerned about some photos so that's that hope it is helpful

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