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DHAR MANN app overview - why it skyrocketed in the App Store?
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  • What is Dhar Mann app?
  • Who is Dhar Mann and his career?
  • Trend of Influencers who try to get their audience out of big sites.


Hey, in this episode, we will talk about Dhar Mann app, which rocketed to the number one in the App Store charts so you can upload download this Dhar Mann Studios mobile app right now. Also created video overview. And let's just go about it. Like why this app suddenly was in top one app.

So Dhar Mann is a popular YouTuber content creator and entrepreneur for his on the nose morality video. And he gathered 12.9 million YouTube subscribers and staggering 450,000,000 monthly views.

He is now looking to bring his viewers off platform. And he just recently launched a free app called Dhar Mann Studios, which is available already on iphone and Android. And the app. It enables users to watch all of his videos at free, which feature actors plan out, plan ethical lessons, gold digger, dumps, broke boyfriend, then regrets her decision and all of that. So on this app, you can also sign up for daily inspirational messages.

You can access some giveaways and shop new merch drops.

And this app installed to massive buzz like just the story of Dhar Mann. So his parents granted from media. He was an entrepreneur from an early age, so he just began to post some motivational videos on Facebook in 2018 where he's a massive audience.

And then he created a production company.

I already did an overview. So it's interesting. This app is just basically a collection of YouTube videos which you can watch. So you need to have YouTube app installed on your device to access and use this app properly. And then you can just watch YouTube videos.

Like what else is there? I think the app is credited because you can see some Premiers and some exclusive videos which won't be available on YouTube or will be available on YouTube later. So you just can watch this Herman premieres just on the app. Then you can also shop for the March drops or some exclusive March drops just on the app. Then there are some just inspirational motivational quotes from the app which you can get and then you can bookmark and save them.

That's about it. I think that's just the first version of the app. It can be updated later and there can be more improvements to that.

And that's the app. Some people I posted the videos. They were asking if there are some bugs, some videos don't work and the premiers are not there yet.

So probably it was just the first version and later versions of the apps will be coming. So you just need to update the app. But it's an interesting trend that top YouTubers try to get some parts of their audience from YouTube or from Facebook and to have their own equity like their own app or their own newsletters, their own website. By the way, you can visit Herman dot com and just get some information there. So they own some of this equity because if something happens with YouTube or I don't know Facebook, then they still have that audience.

And this is one of the most anticipated apps that Dhar Mann's fans were waiting for.

He created a lot of businesses, like, for example, luxury transportation companies that offers exotic vehicles.

And he became quite successful already with three offices and more than 25 employees under him.

But he won almost bankrupt. In 2014, he started a new cosmetic business named Live Glam and purely focused on growing the business. And finally, he generated like, eight tier revenues by 2018. And then he just started to post some motivational videos on Facebook.

And basically, he created heartwarming videos in attempt to help others.

So, for example, the videos can be like Skinny Girl Fat Sham stranger at audition instantly regrets her decision. So these videos are very emotionally charged. There is a lot of, like design for teens or kids, which is a massive audience on YouTube, and there is like, emotional aspect to it. That's why all this emotional videos can just go wild and collect tens of millions of fuse.

So yeah, so that's the app. So definitely try it out. It's still on Android. I think it's still called early Access, so there will be more features coming out and there are still some bugs or something like that. But yeah, I think that's a nice app to have.

If you're a fan of Dhar Mann and you should definitely check it out and explore it. So that was just like an overview for you. It's trending new app. And that's what this podcast is about to explore. And we talk about new trending and spiking in app store.

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