Recently, there has been speculation surrounding the removal of video editing features on FaceApp. Many users have reported the absence of this feature, even for those with pro accounts. A Reddit user posted a reply from the FaceApp support team, stating that the video editing feature was mistakenly removed for all FaceApp users. The intention behind this move was to hide the feature from those who don't regularly use it. It's important to note that video editing has not been made available to new users for over a year.

However, the support team assured users that video editing will be brought back in a future update. They also mentioned the possibility of removing the feature again in the future, but assured users that they will provide regular updates on their plans. To regain access to the video editing feature, users are advised to update FaceApp to the new version 11.11.3 from the App Store.

It has come to light that some users, even after updating to version 11.11.3, still do not have access to the video feature. On the other hand, some users claim that the feature has been fully restored. This inconsistency has left many users confused, especially those who have paid for the pro account.

FaceApp has acknowledged this issue and clarified that if users had purchased or renewed the pro version prior to November 1st, they should be able to enable the video editing settings. However, it is important to note that FaceApp intends to gradually remove video editing from the application, with the aim of focusing on more sophisticated photographic editing processes.

It is worth mentioning that a considerable number of users had subscribed to FaceApp Pro specifically for its video editing capabilities. Therefore, the removal of this feature has left users feeling disappointed and questioning the reasoning behind the decision.

If you are a FaceApp user, and especially if you have the pro version, it is recommended that you update to version 11.11.3 to check if the video editing feature is available to you. It seems the update has already been released, so it is worth trying out the new version to see if the feature has been restored or not.

In conclusion, FaceApp's recent removal of the video editing feature has caused confusion and frustration among its user base. While the support team has provided some clarity on the matter, it remains to be seen how the situation will evolve in the future.

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