Did Worldcoin just stop new grants? No next grant notification

Recently, there have been reports suggesting that Worldcoin may have stopped issuing new grants. A concerned user noticed that the familiar "Next Grant" notification was no longer visible when accessing the World app. This unexpected change has sparked speculation and raised questions about the future of the grant program.

When users typically reached the grant step in the app, swiping to the top would reveal details about the next scheduled grant, including the number of days until its distribution. However, this feature seems to have disappeared without any prior notice. The community is currently contemplating two possible scenarios to explain this unusual occurrence.

  1. Technical Glitch: One plausible explanation is that the absence of the "Next Grant" notification is simply a result of a technical glitch or bug within the World app. Users have previously encountered various issues with the application, such as glitches affecting the user interface, server overloads, and withdrawal problems. This glitch theory aligns with the app's history of irregularities and leaves room for the possibility that the grant program is still active.
  2. Suspension of Grant Program: On the other hand, some users speculate that Worldcoin may have intentionally halted the issuance of new grants. The last visible grant within the app was scheduled until March 11th, prompting concerns that no grant notifications beyond that date are available. The community eagerly awaits March 12th to confirm whether the grant program will resume as usual or if it has indeed been discontinued.

The uncertainty surrounding this situation has left users in a state of ambiguity, with no clear indication from Worldcoin regarding the fate of the grant program. Until the upcoming date on March 12th, when the presence or absence of a new grant will provide clarity, users can only speculate on the future of Worldcoin's grant distribution. Stay tuned for updates as the community awaits further developments on this matter.

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