DISH ANYWHERE app - quick preview

Hey everyone, here is Dish Anywhere app. So let's just explore it. It's a very popular network in US, well not the most popular one, but there are some niche programs sometimes you just need it. So you can use it and just take Dish Anywhere app and watch all the TV channels you get at home on your iPad or iPhone, enjoy all your live or recorded shows and movies anytime, manage your home DVR from anywhere and get access to thousands of on-demand movies and shows from Showtime, Starz, Epix and more. And then, yeah, you can, the main advantage is that you can set up up-to-time, up-to-minute scores in game info for NFL, NBA, MLB. It's a nice destination to watch some NBA games as I understand. And then, yeah, you can just log in here using email or Hopper pairing. So Dish Anywhere login and then, yeah, so you need to sign in using the email that is associated with your MyDish account. So MyDish is another app. If you just go here, this is just MyDish account. So this is where you can sign in with your TV provider. And then I guess you can just log in back to the Dish app, Dish Anywhere app from here. Yeah, so that's basically the process. It's not possible to create an account right in this app or anything like it. So yeah, hope that's helpful.

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