The NGL app has been subject to frequent updates, and many speculate that this may be due to the fact that popular platforms like Snapchat or Instagram are not particularly fond of it. However, the question arises: do old NGL links still function?

Until recently, the link format for NGL was, but as of now, a new link format has been introduced: Despite this change, it appears that the old link format still remains functional. Users have reported that they can still send messages using the old links and, furthermore, they are able to receive messages through these links as well.

This means that if you had been using the previous link, you can still rely on it to send messages and receive them. Additionally, if you receive a message through an old NGL link, you will be able to view the sender's information.

The fact that the older NGL links are still operational provides users with a sense of continuity. It allows them to communicate seamlessly using their accustomed links, without the need to update or modify anything. However, it remains to be seen if this functionality will continue to be supported in the future.

NGL users can take advantage of this opportunity to maintain their existing communication channels while still benefiting from any improvements or new features that are introduced in the updated format. It's important to note that there is no official announcement from NGL regarding the long-term viability of the old links, so users should remain attentive to any future changes or updates.

In conclusion, despite the introduction of a new link format, it appears that the older NGL links still work. Users can continue to send and receive messages using their existing links, ensuring uninterrupted communication. However, it is important to stay informed about any future developments from NGL that may impact the functionality of these links.

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