Does My Ai chatbot use your location?

There have been concerns among Snapchat users about whether or not the AI chatbot uses their location. With so much confusion surrounding this matter, it's important to set the record straight. According to an official Snapchat support page, the AI chatbot only has access to a Snapchatter's location if they have already granted permission to Snapchat to share their location on Snap Map.

If you're using the AI chatbot for the first time, you'll receive a notice explaining that it may use information you share with Snapchat to personalize your responses. The bot only uses your location in response to your request, and only if you're sharing your location with Snapchat. If you've previously given permission to Snapchat to share your location, only then will the AI chatbot use your location.

To check your Snapchat location settings, navigate to "Settings" and then click on "Snapchat." Here, you'll see the location option. You can either disable location sharing (by tapping "Never") or enable sharing while using the app (by tapping "While Using the App"). If you choose the latter option, the AI chatbot will have access to your location and be able to provide recommendations based on your location-based inquiries.

It's worth noting that even if you're in "Ghost Mode" on Snapchat (which makes your location invisible to friends and others on the map), your location is still shared with Snapchat, which is what enables the AI chatbot to give you recommendations for nearby places.

In summary, the AI chatbot only uses your location information if you've granted permission to Snapchat to share it. If you want to disable location sharing, it's easy to do so in Snapchat's settings. Keep in mind that without location sharing, the AI chatbot won't be able to provide recommendations based on your location.

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