Does NGL APP have generated questions? 🤔 Thoughts

so here's viral ngl app and um yes this app right now is in top chart of the of the us app store like everyone is talking about it so basically the idea is that you can get anonymous messages from your friends so you just copy this link you share it on your instagram story or instagram by or or just share it to friends and then you can receive all these messages in inbox and then um like um some of the questions some people write here that they share it among their friends and they are quite suspicious that some of these questions can actually generated so this user writes like i tried it and i could eventually tell that it generates its own questions my friends for sure were never asking me those and also uh some so few people are also telling that uh this app sent you fake questions that will send automated questions um so that's basically that and i'm also kind of a bit suspicious because i received like a lot of questions so first questions i received from uh i think yeah really from my friends and then um other questions um yeah seems some of them not were original because obviously if you share your link and you don't receive any messages at all the the engagement on this app will will drop significantly and users won't be able to you know enjoy the app a lot so maybe there is like you know a gross hack or something from from their team that maybe like you know small percentage of the questions might be like you know maybe 10 maybe 5 i don't know it's just a hypothesis can be actually used by ai and some algorithm is generating some of these questions um so okay this is maybe original one but yeah some of these questions like that like i don't even know who of my friends would would ask that and but it seems very generalistic and that's what would you expect to get in this app so yeah maybe it's kind of some secret engagement boost but you you are not able to tell that that's a trick so you you are not able to tell but a lot of these apps these days have have this trust issue like for example a lot of dating apps they have a lot of bots which you think this is a real person you start chatting and then it's like just ai content from some bots and yes just to boost engagement so just be careful don't believe everything still this is just like an overview i'm not telling anything hundred percent this is just a shot and there is no any evidence on that this is just like what users write what they feel like that they just share the link and they don't feel like any of their friends would leave this kind of comment anyhow hope it is helpful uh leave your thoughts in the comments and like the video

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