Does NGL link expire?

So, does ngllink expire? The answer is no. In the ngll app, the domain name used for ngllink sometimes changes. For example, it may have been or in the past. However, even if the domain name changes, your ngllink should still be functional. It doesn't expire.

To verify this yourself, follow these steps. First, copy the old ngllink that you have saved in your Instagram bio or any other location. Then, open a web browser such as Safari or Google Chrome. Paste the ngllink into the address bar and press enter. If the link is still active, you will receive a text message notification confirming its functionality.

This method allows you to independently check whether a ngllink is still working, regardless of any domain changes that may have occurred.

In conclusion, ngllinks do not expire. Despite any domain name changes, the links remain functional and can be easily verified by testing them in a web browser. This ensures that your ngllinks continue to serve their intended purpose without interruption.

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