Does sendit Q&A on Instagram app have generated questions? Thoughts

so here is send it app uh for instagram q a for instagram uh so they finally did this separate app just for instagram originally it was only for snapchat and original apps and it went viral but then there was ngl app which introduced anonymous questions just for instagram and yeah okay we can retry so we can search it and then you can see there is another app um yeah q a for instagram um but can you guess who sent you these messages so it's not possible at the moment and you can't upgrade so that's basically that and i think half like a lot of these messages are actually generated so they're just generated by bots so that's basically the idea so yeah unfortunately that's what it is and that's that [Music] so yeah um it's not possible to upgrade to anything it is possible to upgrade in ngl but then you will just get some hints like uh person on android from london so it just gives you a phone model just not a specific font but just general model and like town or stuff like that other than that hope it is helpful

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