Donkey Bike - can you do a group ride?

Can you do a group ride in Donkey Bike?

Donkey Bike, the popular bike-sharing platform, has gained quite a following in recent years. With its convenient app and affordable rental rates, it has become a go-to choice for urban commuters and casual cyclists alike. But for those interested in a group ride experience, does Donkey Bike allow for such an option?

According to a transcript from a recent video, Don Quijote Republic Bikes, the company behind Donkey Bike, states that each rider has the ability to rent up to five vehicles at once using a single smartphone. This means that if you and your friends are looking to embark on a group ride, you can rent multiple bikes and enjoy the adventure together.

Unlocking the bikes is a straightforward process. Riders can simply log into the Donkey Bike app using the email address provided during the rental process. Once logged in, any bike can be unlocked, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience.

The video transcript also mentions that multiple bikes can be unlocked using just one smartphone. So, if you're eager to gather your group and hit the road, Donkey Bike makes it possible to ensure everyone has access to a bike, even if they don't have a smartphone of their own.

However, the transcript does mention that the option to select multiple bikes simultaneously may not be available for everyone. The author shared their personal experience with Donkey Bike, stating that they were unable to select two vehicles at once, particularly when they were in close proximity to the bikes. It is unclear whether this limitation is due to their membership status or a technical glitch.

The author suggests reaching out to Donkey Bike's support team for more information and assistance. It is possible that the issue they encountered is specific to their situation, and the support team may be able to provide a solution or workaround.

In conclusion, while there seems to be some discrepancy in the ability to select multiple bikes for a group ride, the official stance of Donkey Bike suggests that it is indeed possible to rent multiple bikes using one smartphone. Should you encounter any issues, it is recommended to seek support from the Donkey Bike team to ensure a smooth and enjoyable group riding experience.

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