Drafts in Talkie bots - how to save your bot to a draft?

Did you know that Talkie bots have a feature called drafts? With drafts, you can save your bot and come back to it later. You can save up to 20 drafts on your Talkie bot. However, it's important to note that drafts will be lost if you uninstall the app or change devices. Each Talkie bot can only save one draft at a time. It's also worth mentioning that the draft will disappear once you publish your bot.

So, how do you save your bot to a draft? It's quite simple. When you are in the process of creating your Talkie bot, you can save it as a draft instead of publishing it right away. For example, if you have selected an image and configured the necessary settings, you can tap on the "Next" button. Then, you will have the option to save your bot as a draft. Just tap on the "Save Draft" button and your bot will be saved to the draft box.

To access your drafts, you can go to the "My Drafts" section. From there, you can see the recent drafts of your Talkie bot. This feature comes in handy if you didn't have enough time to complete your bot or if you want to continue working on it later. Simply save it to your drafts and you can pick up where you left off.

Having the ability to save drafts in Talkie bots provides users with flexibility and convenience. It allows you to work on your bot at your own pace and ensure that you have all the necessary content and settings in place before publishing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Talkie bot creator, this feature can be a valuable tool for organizing and optimizing your bot-building process.

In conclusion, if you're using Talkie bots, remember to take advantage of the draft feature to save your progress and have the option to come back to it later. With up to 20 drafts available, you can efficiently manage multiple bot projects and streamline your workflow.

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