Drama Box offers free coins through their app, providing users with opportunities to earn rewards through various actions. By visiting the rewards tab, users can follow these steps to collect free coins:

  1. Daily Check-in: By performing a daily check-in, users will instantly receive three coins.
  2. Watch Ads: Users have the option to watch ads to earn an additional two coins.
  3. Daily Progression: Consistent daily check-ins result in increased coin rewards.
  • Second day: +3 coins
  • Third day: +5 coins
  • Fourth day: +3 coins
  1. Earn Rewards: Users can also collect rewards by engaging with Drama Box on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, watching videos, and more.

As users accumulate coins, they can monitor their balance in the top left corner of the app. Additionally, users can access detailed information regarding reward rules. It's important to note that all interpretation rights of the reward coins belong to Drama Box.

Some key points to keep in mind while using Drama Box app:

  • Users are permitted to check in once per day. Missing a check-in will reset the streak.
  • The W coins earned can only be used to watch dramas and will expire after seven days.

The app provides a user-friendly interface, including a dedicated profile section for users to navigate easily. Drama Box ensures a rewarding experience for its users while maintaining strict guidelines for the utilization of earned coins.

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