The DramaBox app offers a Rewards program with various tasks that users can complete to earn coins. These tasks include daily check-ins and watching ads. Here is a breakdown of how users can earn coins daily:

  1. Daily check-in: Users can start with at least three coins.
  2. Watch 15 ads: Users can earn two coins per ad, totaling 30 coins.
  3. Watch DramaBox: By watching content on DramaBox, users can earn an additional seven coins.
  4. Total: By completing these tasks, users can earn a total of 40 coins daily, allowing them to access certain content on the app without needing to pay.

While the daily earning opportunities provide a decent amount of coins for free, the possibility of obtaining unlimited coins is not available for iOS or Android users. To gain unlimited coins, users would need to upgrade to a premium version of the app, which comes at a cost higher than a yearly membership to Netflix.

In conclusion, while DramaBox offers opportunities for users to earn coins through tasks like check-ins and ad-watching, achieving unlimited coins requires a premium upgrade. It's essential for users to weigh the benefits against the cost when deciding whether to upgrade to a premium membership on the app.

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