Dramabox Unlimited Coins - is it possible?

Can you get unlimited coins in drama box app? So here's the app - it's a popular app for watching movies and short shows. However, in this app, you need to earn rewards to continue watching content, and there are a lot of pop-ups and quizzes you need to engage with. Here are some tasks you can do to earn rewards in the app:

  • Follow on YouTube
  • Follow on Facebook
  • Turn on push notifications
  • Watch five minutes
  • Watch 10 minutes
  • Watch 15 minutes

The video transcript mentions that it's unclear how it's possible to get unlimited coins in the Drama Box app just by completing these tasks. Reward coins are primarily used for watching dramas, and if there aren't enough coins, they will be automatically used. It's worth noting that reward coins can only be utilized to view dramas and are valid for seven days. After this period, they will expire and be liquidated.

You can check the details of your reward coins in the "My Wallet" section and review your transaction history. If you prefer not to go through the process of earning coins, you do have the option to purchase them or opt for a yearly subscription. However, the transcript highlights that the yearly subscription can be quite expensive.

Ultimately, if you choose to upgrade your account, you may not need to rely on coins at all. This suggests that having a premium subscription could eliminate the need for earning or purchasing coins.

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