Drawing Desk app - how to use

The Drawing Desk app is a popular drawing and painting app developed by 4AXIS Technologies. With over 50 million users worldwide and more than 100,000 five-star reviews, it has gained a reputation for being easy to use and feature-rich. Available on the App Store, Drawing Desk offers a wide array of tools and options for artists of all levels.

Upon opening the app, users may notice its size, which comes in at around 250 megabytes. While this may take some time to download, it is well worth the wait. The app offers a range of features, including lessons for those looking to learn how to draw. There are different plans available, with a seven-day free trial followed by a $40 per year subscription.

Once inside the app, users can choose to upgrade or proceed with the basic version. Notifications and tracking permissions can also be adjusted in the settings. The app offers a variety of featured lessons, which provide step-by-step tutorials on various drawing techniques. However, accessing these lessons may require an upgrade.

While there are some pop-ups and locked content within the app, it still provides a solid drawing experience. Users can draw and practice within the app, even without unlocking all of the features. The app boasts advanced tools and a smooth interface, particularly on newer iPhone models such as the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15.

Drawing on Drawing Desk is not only a productive activity, but also a relaxing one. The app is designed to provide an enjoyable drawing experience for its users. If you're looking to explore your creative side or improve your drawing skills, the Drawing Desk app is definitely worth a try.

Give the Drawing Desk app a go and discover the world of digital art at your fingertips.

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