DrawNames - Secret Santa app - how to use?

here's interesting app for the holidays which is called drawn names secret Santa app secret Center generator you know in many companies or like you know some teams groups of people people prefer to have this uh secret santa exchange game where you just provide the secret Santa gifts to your teammates um yeah and of course you it's just much easier with the app to do that so here is the secret Santa app let's just open it up and then easily you can accept invitation here or or you can start drawing names so you can enter your name for example and then what do you want to draw names with who do you want to draw names with uh so something like that uh well they're also just entering some names and exclusion indicates which name someone might not draw so okay maybe it's too complicated then what do you want to draw names for and then you just select the holiday there's a name group one are you going to celebrate Christmas for example this is your company Christmas how much should people spend like say fifty dollars with a notification about the wish list of the person whose name you're drone and other and you're supposed to Celebration you want to receive notifications okay and then share the invitation using text message email or any other app and then you just tap share invitation and for example I can just do that so we're going to draw names for Christmas click the invitation link to join and then that's the gift amount and that's basically then you can use it to to organize your Secret Santa group and to organize uh links together so something around that so yeah you can try to do that um that's basically how this app works and uh yeah the overview of it

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