DrawNames - Secret Santa app - quick overview

here's interesting and trending app called Draw names where you can you can use this app for Christmas for secret Santa so for example let's just try to do it so you just added some names here and then you just have your drone name and then and then yeah so you can add anonymous question or ask for which list uh uh anonymously so that's basically how it works and this is like the app which helps you to um to add like wishes and other people can buy it for you so that's basically it and then uh yeah so something like that and then you can just share invitations to other people at your office or at your work uh so yeah so we are going to draw nice for Christmas group members that click an invitation link to join and then you just basically create this invitation link and all the people in your group to who you sent this we will have like the secret Santa and this is their wish list and we'll be able to send each other gifts uh for this occasion so here you see your drone name and yeah so something like that and it's pretty cool and this way you can just play secret Santa at your office or work and yeah it's pretty interesting app I haven't seen something like that before so yeah uh that's basically it you can also create your account uh originally it's a website but also there is an app uh

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