so here is dream by uh wombo app and if you're just curious you can take selfies here this camera and you can select image and you can take camera so let's just try out the selfie so here is i just took the selfie i can tap next and let's just decide if i can use it like i can adjust influence and i can type selfie or you can type person friend and let's see about the result so usually it won't be that great and sometimes it won't be good at all but i will just show you so in case you're curious like if you can use this app like not to take four of your friends and just have fun like what it will look like so as you can see this is what it's doing so maybe it's not the best idea to use with friends because yeah it's not the best one but this is all based on machine learning algorithm and overall yes this app is not the best one uh the best one with people or uh some like photos with a lot of detail so only if it's like landscape some specific object like lamp chair bicycle then it works really nice and it adds this kind of impressionist touch to it but other than that it's if there are more details and you're trying to use to generate another photo based on like your selfie it won't really work probably you need a bit more advanced ai algorithm like dali or how it's called like you know this model from from open ai project so maybe it's coming in future but not in this app yet

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