What is Dream by Wombo app?

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O what is this viral dream by womba. This app is really in the top chart at this moment is going viral and. Yep, so yeah, if you just these hours open App Store in the US you will see the dream while wombo is literally in the top. Top five apps or. Yeah, right now. Actually it's like the number one app. So that's that and. Yeah, what? What is that? So basically dream by Wombo is an app developed by Wombo Lab which is like Canadian AI Artificial intelligence studio which basically you know doing different apps with AI. So there are previous app was also while it was called one bot AI which helped to edit selfies. So you can add yourself into the give or into the image. That image will start moving to like some popular hit music from 80s or from some popular just. Basically your selfie starts moving to the music and this app was also quite viral. And now there is another release, another drop from the studio. It's called dream dream. You can create beautiful artwork using the power of AI. Enter prompt and art style and watch combo dream. Turn your idea into AI part painting in seconds. How does one go dream work type in whatever you want to create. Like Alien Space Station, City, Sunset, Rainbow Forest, or anything else you can imagine. And then let your creativity to take over, and then you also need just to pick an art style. So whether you're looking for vibrant painting or just something more like traditional, you can select different styles. You can also select no style and the coolest feature is that I think that you can add your own image so you can just add an image input. And then yeah, you will be able to. Put your own image and you can also give access to the camera so you can just take four of some landscape and then you will be able to. Yeah, to take this 4th and turn it into some AI painting literally in seconds. So I must say that yeah, it works really well with landscapes and like more general photos and pictures like see or like sun or some nature and all of that if you try to enter or use yourself or something like that. It won't really work that well. This app, so it's still a algorithm is not that advanced here and like images, it doesn't work that well and it doesn't create, you know. For realistic for us. So if you say like, create a photo of the person or like photo of a dog or it won't create that, it will just create very generalistic image. So it's still kind of early stages of AI development but still super exciting. So there's that. And then yes, there is also iPad app which you can play on iPad, and there are some even additional features on iPad. And I created so many videos about the app so you can just check them out on my YouTube channel like they're like just a few tabs so you can see the home tab. Basically recently they updated the app and made it something similar to Instagram. There are community artworks. You can see all the highlighted videos. From sorry, the highlighted images from dream by Womba app. And yeah, so you can see, but you can't follow users. You can follow people by username. You can't message or add friends and all of that, so that's not possible. Then if you tap on the plus icon, you can just enter prompt and select from different styles like psychedelic deeply fantasy art, HD, dark fantasy, Baroque Salvador Dali. Or you can just select no style and then on the third tab in the bottom you can add. Input image. And your image you select will be used as a reference for the final output, so that's what you can do then. There is also access to your. You know profile where you can just. Uh. Add like your username. And there are some settings where you can have your email and you can check out their discord. So this app right now is a bit glitchy, so maybe if you want to try it full, maybe you need to write like a few days because it's in the top charts and I've seen that screen shot in there Discord channel where this was 137 users in real time at one moment in the app. So there are Star Wars didn't survive that and app was down for a while. Then app is back up. And servers just don't like, don't have enough capability. So now it seems the app is restored. But still there are a few bugs and glitches here and there. Sometimes you just can't finish creating the picture. Sometimes you can't open that. You can't log in and all of that, so that's just not because of your phone, not because of your Wi-Fi or the app like it's just. Yeah, exactly. It's just because of the some server issues. Just because there is a massive influx of users, so probably you need either to use this app early in the morning or late at night in US time so to avoid this so many thousands of users. And then there are less bugs probably. Also you can just try to wait a few days on the popularity goes down a bit. Or maybe it's so. Who knows, maybe you just need to wait until there is a reasonable update which should fix this server issue and all that. So yeah, this is an overview. This is how. The app. Feels like and. That's basically the idea. So yeah, like there are a lot of developments in this space, AI space for. For visuals, so there is a new algorithm like Callie, I think so. It's kind of like GPT 3 like algorithm, just provisionals and that algorithm however is on the waiting list. It is like really really good actually. Yeah, so you can set precise things and it will generate photo like real photo like image, so not some just. You know more graphic stuff or like impressionist style like you have here in dream by one, but something like very precise but that's collie and then that is only waiting list. Not a lot of people have access yet, so anyhow this is an overview. Hope you enjoy it. Yeah, yeah, definitely check it out. Some of my videos. Like feel free to ask any questions, go to my website and let's catch up in future episodes.

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