Dream by Wombo - can you use it for NFTs?

so i'm just having a lot of fun with this app which is called dream by wombo where you can generate ai artwork so here i just did a lot of these pictures which are just generated by ai bots which is kind of amazing and they look a lot like you know some nfts which you can sell on openc and yeah a lot of people are using this app like hey can i just use this app which is free i can generate all these images and can i then just mean them on openc and i just found out exactly this question in the discord faq section of of dream by wumbo so yes you may mean your artwork but must acknowledge wombo as a background source so yeah you can use that you can mint it uh if you have any other inquiries to do with copyright licensing please send copyright at one po ai an email and they can assist you further so yeah uh if you try to run a big collection or really like try to monetize it i would definitely suggest to write that copyright at wambo ai to have all the details and here there is also a section that creators have full freedom to use our works in any way but must attribute to wombo we cannot guarantee the copyrightability of a generated art and you can check a trc's under intellectual property so that's the overview

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