so if you're using dream by wombo app and you have seen this error fail to generate art please try again so no worries it's a one of the most common errors here what you can do uh like so just tap retry it works in majority cases if you just tap retry it will generate the image and it will solve the issue so you just need to wait a bit longer second option you can just try a bit different prompt so just a bit different word maybe then it will be easier for ai model and then you can change like also the different image styles so instead of like uh what i'm talking about so instead of like ghibli you can select fantasy art or instead of hd select dark fantasy because i noticed while using this app that some of the art styles are more heavy for processing than others and some styles take like literally like a minute to generate image and other styles are almost instant and so like the heavy art styles it just depends also on the your prompts and then ai model so yeah for some images it can just take four hours generate art and it will never actually generate it um and especially in this period while dream by one by up in the top charts are like hundreds thousands of users at this app in real time so servers also suffer any bit so i don't know what exactly that can be but that would be my advice

Adobe Illustrator - How To Fix “N...
Adobe Illustrator - How To Fix “Not Enough Memory” Error
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