Dream by Wombo overview - pros & cons

so dream by wombo is amazing app but zera as in any other app there are pros and cons so you can see there are nearly 60 000 ratings here 4.9 out of 5 average writing but there are also some negative parts of it so let's just go through what uh uh what can be the cavities i'm just going here to some reviews so basically the the image quality is really amazing but it still sometimes is too general so it's not the best idea to have like very detailed or sharp images uh this image is they really look nice on small screens but they are really less impressive seen on anything larger than a small phone many results could stand to have been processed longer and at the larger resolution uh so sometimes also like earlier steps when you generate an image looking much better than the final result it can be a good idea to have like a pause button where you can just pause this result and uh yeah then you will be able to to pause the the image and just select what you like or just see the last few iterations of this image and select which one you like the app desperately needs dark mode so a lot of artists just need this dark mode support photo selection interface is broken it only lets you access your photos library one time then you will have to restart the app so there are just some of these overviews but still the app is quite amazing and i sometimes use the app sometimes it crashes so if i try to generate image sometimes there is some error sometimes it's loading i guess it's just taking a lot of resources and it needs like quite fast or a newer iphone or android device so let's just try it out so for example if we want to generate so for example here you can see error file to fetch art styles please try again um okay so i want to generate forest and then i want to choose an art style uh here so it's doesn't load or something so there are still a few glitches and bugs here and there um but yeah other than that so you can try to restart the app i just swipe up and then i just want to open it up again so also probably you need quite fast internet connection for this app to work properly and all of that so for example let's just let's just try again so now it's loading and i want to generate like forest here um so let's try it out you can see creating here and yeah so yeah now it works so i restarted the app and now it works so that's basically and it happens quite often to me and then now it works perfectly so for some categories if i select like psychedelic or you know like sometimes um some other categories it just takes forever to generate an image it can take up to one minute but probably i just have older iphone but yeah there you have it but still definitely amazing app amazing technology so give it a try

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