DREAM by WOMBO UNUSABLE on ANDROID 9 - what you can do?

so dream by womba app is still unusable on android for a lot a lot of users and i was trying to figure out what these users can do i'm just want to like dream by womba feedback uh channel on on our discord and there is this message from from the user and there is a response just today from developer team from dreambo team uh sorry from wombo team and it says there are a lot of issues with android 9 no estimated time when it's gonna be fixed you can still use the web version on the phone so that's that's official advice from them so yeah and i actually didn't know that there is like a web version of the phone so you can go to app.wombo.rt here is the web version and then you can yeah you can tap create and then you can have fun with it uh just uh yeah on the web version so that's what you can do and just upgrade and yeah you can just create images like that so on your android phone just go to chrome browser and try to use the app like this here it's a bit limited though like the main difference that there is no input image option here so you can't generate images based based on your input image but that's probably the one big difference and there are also some additional features such as mint as nft here uh where you can you know uh nifty's i don't know if it will come soon here uh or later but i didn't see this option on mobile app then you can show prompting artwork you can publish it you can create an account so yeah that's basically that you can try another style and it worked perfectly i didn't see any crashes yet so if you still go to the app it's basically the same the main difference is that again you can see this input image in the bottom so i can add some image and based on that image i can generate some artwork so you can't do that on the web version but at least if if your android app is glitchy you you can try to use in your chrome browser and just go to the to their website and use that you can also try to do it on laptop because yeah as you have seen there is no estimated time when when this should be fixed with android 9 so of course you can just wait for update but here is just from today the official response from developer team that there is no estimated time when they should be fixed this should be fixed um and yeah you can wait like months for that unfortunately so that's that

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