DreamInfluencers app what is it? Quick overview

here's dream influencers app which is grown in charts so basically the idea of this app is that you can create an account so for example here you have this uh right I just want to show you some description uh yeah so you can join campaigns and create content and become part of Brands to law and community of creators and also it's like an influencing platform where for example you have some nice Instagram account or Tick Tock account and you can't connect with Brands companies you enjoy and you are able to be a part of influencer teams where you will get the possibility to receive either valuables or cash or some money yeah just for promoting their products I don't know how it works exactly so I just connected my Tick Tock account I don't have a lot of followers I have some views there and then it's just awaiting approval it says and now there is a teams tab here where basically you can see my teams and then open teams so probably these are places like teams are like brand teams where you can communicate with Brands and you can get some promotions and get some influencers and all of that then there are also messages where you can speak and chat with these teams and basically if you get some offer to do some promotion some video some posts around this brand or some campaign you can get some kind of like a pipe geek or something like that and then earn some Revenue but yeah it still says a writing approval I don't know all the details about the plural process how long does it take and all of that but then you have your account you have your interests you can connect your Instagram account uh it says awaiting approval then you can also delete your data uh so that's that and then there is your wallet if I show your wallet create your first world by joining a payments campaign uh no contracts yet some cooperation include a contract that gives you money or voucher with a value so yeah this app is kind of like a insta workout or like some gig work app where just instead of going to factory or going to you know like some doing some Amazon packaging you can just use your Instagram or Tick Tock account and earn some revenue and earn some cash it's interesting approach let's see if this app takes off I think it's a nice niche hope this is helpful

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