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How To Add Friends in Mobile Legends
How To Add Friends in Mobile Legends
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Hello. So here is my issue. Uh, so I'm using a Zapier. We stay scrip. Uh, basically, um, uh, requested and you a transcription from my podcast. So there is just an RSS feed. Uh, here in that pier. So I just have it here. It was working perfectly fine. Uh, but that out of nowhere, Is there started to be like 500 hour, two hour. Um, So here's this. Uh, so choose account. I just use request description. Uh, Trigger. And this is my account. Uh, set up. Action. I tried to reconnect and create new descriptive accounts, but it doesn't solve the issue. So here is the data. While you're out. Project is entitled projects. You can see file nine here. And then if I just ask then action here. This is what happens. So this, this wasn't any issue like just a few days ago, but now this happens. And I also reached out to that peer support as they will probably reply soon. Um, so yeah, it was working really fine. Uh, I tried to use another descriptive. On my. There was some limitation. Um, but sets, what did they, so basically again, I'm just using our assess feed. Uh, from my podcast. Got in file. Your I'll get in file name on some other, like a data as I'm just passing it to the script to request the transcription. And then I also have another zap where I get that transcription and published to my blog, but it stopped working. So might be, you know, what. The issue is here. Also, maybe you can suggest some just like API solution. I can just use API directly to desk grip. To, to request transcripts and get trans transcript and publish to my blog. Would be really helpful. Thank you.

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