DUMP app - SNAP PHOTO ALBUMS - how to use? Quick overview

here is interesting app called dump snap photo albums and yeah in this app you can create some shared photo albums for Snapchat so for example you can create albums like 2022 memories or like trip somewhere or just monthly down weekly dump and all of that and just share it with your friends add France and then you can have like a shared photo album so yeah that's the idea and it's just for Snapchat uh then uh subscription lens one week or one year so it's either 6.99 per week or 39.99 per year um so yeah that's basically the ideas of it's not a new idea but for example you can have that in Google photos like where you can create a shared album and share with your friends in Google photos and for free or maybe in iCloud photo albums but this is just when you're like to use Snapchat and this is just for snapchatters so yeah for example you can use the ample album with cute puppies cute kitties you can rename it and then uh yeah you can just choose prompt uh and then like uh like you can for example do like Saturday hike and then you can just create dump uh you can add some images here whatever and then uh yeah this dump will be created and then this is how it looks like and then you will be able to add even more photos if you want then you will be able to invite your Snapchat friends here and then also you can add uh this uh photo and then just share it to Snapchat and then yeah this is how it looks like and then you can just share it with your Snapchat story and then you'll be able to send it uh you have to send it to your friends and all of that so that's basically the idea then you can also leave and delete this dump um yeah so something like that and that's just your shared photo album if you like Snapchat and you don't want to switch to some other app um just have it kind of in Snapchat style then you just have your profile you can change your profile picture change your nickname here and then yeah you can share you can contact and then you can delete your account if you want uh yeah so that's basically the idea hope that is helpful

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