Dump - Snap Photo Albums - app overview

here's interesting app called dump snap photo albums so yeah it started to hit the top charts in the in the App Store so I just wanted to explore it to see how it looks like so yeah you can see it's in the top 200 social apps and these are then photo challenges for Snapchat great photo dumps where you can just choose a prompt and then just select category and then invite friends to join and then just create a Dom so this is just like a photo albums for Snapchat that is a new app to create and share photo albums with Snapchat friends works with SNAP Instagram and more so you can just subscribe subscription lens one vehicle one here there are some subscription price subscription automatically renews unless Auto renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period and yeah so then you can just let's just open it up to see how it works then you can just sign in with Apple ID and then you can enable notifications and then here you have you can try premium for free which allows you to remove Watermark remove ads and there is forty dollars per year or 6.99 per week and then you can just give yourself a nickname and then create a photo Dom invite friends to add their photos so then you can just create for dumb then you can just add some photos I can just add to photos add them to this dump and this is a daily dump and then here's these dumpster your friends can add their photos to you so yes basically a daily photo album photo folder which then you can just share with your friends and then what you can do you can just tap share on Snapchat and then here you will just be able to share it on Snapchat and this is my Daily Dump and then you can just tap link to join and all of that so yeah and then I can just send it to my stories for example so that's basically how this app looks like I can add photos I can invite more friends to this app I can leave and delete my posts then there is my account which I can delete um I can edit profile let's see I can add my profile picture um and change my nickname so yeah pretty interesting app uh weekly dump uh favorite spot so it's not only you know just like daily photos you can change to all the different topics you want here on this app so yeah just you know summer memories and then for example you are on some vacation or some trip to Europe together or whatever then you can just create a photo album and just share it your Snapchat friends it's pretty interesting pretty cool idea let's see if this app actually gains more traction and popularity so definitely give it a try if you're if you're a Snapchat or if you're using snap a lot

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