Duolingo app icon looks tired - what is it?

The Duolingo app icon has caught the attention of users as it appears tired. In a recent video transcript discussing this phenomenon, it was revealed that the tired-looking icon was actually a prank orchestrated by the Duolingo app team.

The video transcript highlights that the altered app icon is part of Duolingo's playful nature, as they often engage in such pranks. It was shared that the app icon changes are not uncommon, with variations specifically designed for events like Halloween and April Fool's Day.

For those concerned about the tired appearance of the Duolingo app icon, rest assured that it is only temporary. The icon will automatically revert to its usual design in the coming weeks, once the April Fool's joke has run its course.

If you are eager to bring back the familiar Duolingo app icon sooner, you may consider creating a shortcut using your preferred icon. This can be achieved through the use of shortcuts apps, allowing you to personalize the app icon to your liking.

In conclusion, the Duolingo app's tired-looking icon is simply a lighthearted prank orchestrated by the app developers. Users can anticipate the return of the original app icon in due time, with the option to customize it further using shortcuts.

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