Duolingo app icon looks WEIRD - how to restore?

The Duolingo app icon has been catching users off guard lately, appearing peculiar and out of the ordinary. If you're puzzled by the sudden change in appearance, fear not, as it's all part of a harmless prank orchestrated by the Duolingo team. The seemingly tired and oval-shaped icon is not a cause for concern but simply a playful twist introduced by the developers.

During special occasions like April Fools' Day or Halloween, Duolingo enjoys surprising its users with such whimsical alterations to their app icons. While some may not appreciate the altered look, rest assured that it is temporary. Users are unable to disable this feature, as it is a deliberate move by the Duolingo team to add a touch of fun to the user experience.

The good news is that the unusual icon will revert back to its original design automatically, typically within a few weeks. So, if you find yourself staring at the quirky Duolingo app icon, unsure of what's going on, just sit tight, and in due time, it will return to its familiar appearance.

In the tech world, surprises like these keep things interesting and spark conversations among users. Duolingo's playful approach to updates serves as a reminder that even the most serious of apps can have a lighthearted side. Whether you love it or hate it, the temporary change to the app icon is a clever tactic employed by Duolingo to engage its audience and add an element of fun to the overall user experience.

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