Duolingo app icon OLD - how to restore to normal?

The recent update of the Duolingo app icon has left many users wondering how to restore it to its original appearance. The change in the app icon was actually a prank by Duolingo, implemented on April 1st. This alteration, which made the icon appear old and tired, was purely for amusement and not related to any user account information or progress within the app.

While some users found this April Fool's joke to be enjoyable, others may prefer the original icon design. If you're looking to revert the Duolingo app icon back to its usual look, here are a couple of options to consider:

  1. Wait it out: The modified app icon will automatically return to its standard appearance after a few weeks. Duolingo typically reverts these playful changes within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. Use a shortcut app: Alternatively, you can use a shortcut app to mimic the standard Duolingo app icon. By creating a custom shortcut, you can set the icon to appear as it did before the prank, offering a temporary solution until the original design is restored.

Duolingo is known for incorporating these lighthearted pranks into its app experience, often surprising users on occasions like Halloween, April Fool's Day, and various other random dates. While these changes may initially cause confusion or concern among users, the company ensures that such modifications are temporary and intend to add an element of fun to the user experience.

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