Duolingo icon change - looks old and tired - what is it? How to fix

Duolingo recently went through a minor change - its app icon received an update that has left some users wondering what happened to the familiar look. The new Duolingo icon has a different appearance, one that some may describe as tired or outdated.

This change, however, is purely cosmetic and doesn't impact any account details or learning progress within the app. It's simply a marketing tactic by Duolingo, often implemented for fun and sometimes brought out on occasions like April Fool's Day or Halloween as a playful gesture.

So, if you've noticed the Duolingo app icon looking a bit off, rest assured that it's not a permanent change. In a few weeks, the icon is likely to revert to its original design, as Duolingo tends to return to its standard look after these brief, light-hearted alterations.

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