Duolingo Math app - full overview

hey everyone so here is this interesting app called Duolingo Master probably everyone heard about Duolingo app is one of the top apps for learning uh additional language and the lingo mass is just yeah helps you out specifically with math so it's kind of like extension of original Duolingo app and get better at math Duolingo way and then you can just overcome much anxiety make much fun for everyone elementary math for kids brain training for adults learn by doing not viewing bite-sized lessons that work and all of that so you can just open the app and then yeah you can see all of the details available and then yeah you can sign in with the link or just tap get started or just tap sign in with Duolingo already have the Duolingo account and then yeah you can just tap continue and from here you can just sign in for example either with Google or yeah so that's basically the idea and then yeah you can just start with all these different units for example multiplication so solve this so that should be 16 yes I solved it solve this uh so that's about it and match the pairs so here's something like that you can see it's just starting to be some very easy combinations [Music] what that is okay and then Wednesday addition to the group of blocks so we have what we have 28 here drag in a block four times to make this this number uh [Music] so yeah something like that select all with 12 squares and then count by four is getting more kind of tricky it's just a very beginner level um but yeah you just kind of train your brain here as well uh [Music] match the powers [Music] [Music] so yes something like that so now I just completed this first task and that's basically the idea so I have multiplication multiplied by different things units that I have division fractions and then you a rare error and perimeter place value geometry so you can see a lot of like modules here and you can train all of it so it's pretty cool and then also you have brain training available so yeah so different options here uh and then yeah you can easily delete the account you can switch accounts so depending uh what you want is our standard duoling or just Duolingo mat so definitely cool app I actually didn't know that it exists but yes it does so try it out

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