Duolingo new icon - what is it? How to change it

Duolingo recently introduced a new icon, leaving many users puzzled. The app now displays a peculiar oval-shaped icon that appears worn out or outdated. Rest assured, this unexpected change is not a cause for concern regarding the functionality of your app or your language-learning progress. It turns out that Duolingo has a reputation for playing pranks on its users, often incorporating such surprises on special occasions like April Fool's Day or Halloween. This time, the altered icon is just another one of these playful tricks.

If you are eager to revert to the familiar Duolingo icon, there are a couple of ways to do so. The most straightforward option is to be patient and wait for the next app update. Typically, the icon returns to its original design within a few weeks after the update is released. Alternatively, you can explore using third-party apps like theme packs or the Shortcuts app to customize your app icons and switch back to the standard Duolingo icon.

In summary, the Duolingo icon change is merely a lighthearted prank by the app developers and does not impact the functionality of the language-learning platform. For those eager to restore the traditional icon, options include waiting for the next update or utilizing third-party apps to revert to the standard Duolingo icon.

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