Duolingo vs ChatGPT-4 features - overview

So Duolingo is one of the first apps which tried out GPT-4 which is a new advanced model from OpenAI. And yeah, it will be trying out a specific feature where it's called Duolingo Max. So yeah, that's the idea. I just wanted to show you what this feature is about. So many of Duolingo's learners want to learn the explicit rules and the company has tried to teach them with both pre-written grammar tips and artificial intelligence. Implementation was difficult with GPT-3 even. So anytime you want to explain the answer about specific grammar rule or something like that, now it is possible with Duolingo Max with GPT-4. So that's the feature. Duolingo Max is available to users today. For now, Duolingo is using these new features in Spanish and French with plans to expand to more languages and introduce new features that will keep them at the forefront of language learning. So you can just download Duolingo app and try Spanish and French to try out GPT-4 on Duolingo app. So yeah, there you have it. So there are two features, Explain My Answer or Roleplay. Explain My Answer is get AI-powered personal feedback in your lessons, roleplay, practice, ordering coffee, planning a trip and more with AI. So hope that is helpful. I'm just going also through Duolingo app and trying to find this feature here. So you can always sign up for some other course. And yeah, try it out.

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