Dynamic Island - how to temporarily turn it off?

Dynamic Island - how to temporarily turn it off?

Dynamic Island is a feature in some mobile apps and software that allows users to see a recording or other information straight from the app on the screen, usually located in the top right corner. While some users may find this feature useful, others may find it distracting or invasive, and may wonder how to turn it off.

According to an article that recently surfaced online, it is not possible to completely turn off Dynamic Island. However, the article suggests a simple workaround that can temporarily disable the feature. All you need to do is swipe left or right on the Dynamic Island, and it will go quiet until the next time it is invoked by an app.

For example, if you are playing music on Spotify or watching YouTube videos and you notice the Dynamic Island is active, you can simply swipe left or right to turn it off. This will silence the Dynamic Island for the app you are currently using, but the app itself will continue to run normally.

It's important to note that this workaround only temporarily disables the Dynamic Island for a particular app. If you open another app that uses the feature, Dynamic Island will start working again.

In summary, to temporarily turn off Dynamic Island for an app, swipe left or right on the feature. This will silence it for that app, but not completely turn it off. Keep in mind that the feature will resume working if you use another app that uses Dynamic Island.

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