Easy ten. Learn 10 words a day - app overview

hey everyone so here's interesting app called easy 10. learn 10 words a day so let's just Discover it what this app is about it's climbing in charts in education in in Us app store and then here you can just learn 10 words per day and yeah you can just improve your IQ and learn a lot of new words um it's not a new app but it's just a interesting easy concept you can allow notifications and then just you decide like which language you want to learn there are not huge selection of languages it's not Duolingo but you can just select like English German Spanish Italian French Portuguese so I just want to learn French American language you can just select some of those uh there is a smart solution to memorize Sports quick memorizing and Daily Progress and then yeah choose the schematics you're interested in just selecting different topics and then lucky Friday Sunday free trial and then 9.99 per week after so it's not cheap so it's like 40 dollars per month but that's what they have here um so I'm just curious is there like uh actually um free version just maybe some limited version just to try it out all right um yeah so just looking it out here so yeah unfortunately you will need to start with a seven day free trial to start using business app um so that's what it is at the moment so yeah that's that's about that

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