here's this app which is called elevate brain training so let's just open it up and see how it works and it's uh getting viral and quite popular uh for a lot of people where you can just you know do some simple exercises and train your brain using 40 plus games track your performance support by research so here are the amps which you can set up here okay so anyhow i'm just uh we'll show you the idea of it and just like as a test how you should proceed with creating your account and then uh yeah and then finish setting up account and then to create your account you can proceed with apple google facebook or email so then you just proceed and create your account with apple and then you should be good to go and then how old are you you can select your age and then there is a free trial actually so free access for seven days and 39.99 per year three dollars 33 cents per month so that's what you can do uh so you can always just proceed with a free account three games per day limited game library simple metrics so then just continue with your free account uh you can allow or not allow notifications and then there you have it you can begin this brain workout daily workouts include up to five games complete them all to finish your training for the day so here it is and then you can see this game you can see difficulty i haven't used this exact app before i think but i used similar apps so here you have the instructions where you can read the sentence and tap an unnecessary word to make the sentence more concise so there you have it for example which part of the sentence is unnecessary couple's annual anniversary so some so something like that so these are kind of the exercises and you can see it can get really addicting that's what i would do and then you can just see how it's working and you know that's basically nice and then you can continue workout then you can see the next difficulty and all of that so yep that's the idea um then you can select just processing with different difficulty and that's basically the idea of the abs out how you create an account and yeah hope that is helpful

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