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O in this episode, we're going to talk about the most trending topic right now that Elon Musk basically made an offer to buy Twitter. And there was just so much discussion. About it happening exactly on Twitter. Like I think everyone is just. Put some opinions on. Let's just dissect some of those. So yes, there are not people who are like either, just quite neutral. Majority of users are just like either support that completely go Elan Elan team or the people who completely are causing it. So in the end, like you can just read now from New York Times that Peter countered Elon Musk offered to buy the countries a corporate tool known as a poison pill. So. It typically makes a company less palatable to a potential buyer by making it more expensive to buy shares of the company above a certain threshold. So that's that. What's the poison pill defense Twitter has unveiled its plan to fight Elon Musk's bid for the company. It's a well worn tactic to fund off corporate Raiders and hostile takeovers. So it's a defensive strategy familiar to boardrooms, trying to find after course but less familiar to everyday investors. This defense mechanism was developed in the 1980s. The company leaders fighting corporate riders and hostile hostile acquisitions tried to defend their business from being acquired by another enterprise person and group. Poison Pill is a maneuver typically makes the company last palatable. The whole point of this is to make the offer from the board more attractive. Down there choir. Uh. It's basically this plan is like shareholder rights plan and it can appear in the company's charter or bylaws or exists as a contract among shareholders. There are different types of poisoned fields, but usually they allow certain shareholders to buy additional stock at a discounted price. Umm? So for example, the pizza pizza chain Papa John's had poisoned peel in July 2018. In the rare instance of the company trying to block its founder from taking over after using the slower on a conference call instead of on approach, the founder resigned as chairman. The poison pill would have allowed shareholders to buy stock at a discount. So that. As there are limits to using a poison pill, Mr. Miss Lipton said a company could be limited by the ceiling in its charter on how many shares it is allowed to issue, but even if it has hit the ceiling, she said the company has other options to make the purchase unattractive. Umm? So then Elon just tweeted. Thanks for the support. Because he just retweeted some post. Some poll on Twitter where people ask do you want Elon Musk to buy Twitter? People said yes. And then we can just see some of the replies. So yesterday already people just like camera vehicle was one of the vehicle was brothers told that like Twitter is considering a poison pill to sword, Ellen must offer they would rather sell S immolate than give absurd censorship programs. This shows you how deeply committed they are to Orwellian control of the narratives and global discourse. Carry if the current Twitter CEO Elon replies if the current Twitter vortex action contrary to shareholder interests. That would be breaching their fiduciary duty, their abilities. They would thereby assume would be Titanic in scale. So. And also Elon Musk says that if he's offered to buy Twitter were successful, a top priority would be to eliminate the crypto scam bots. So does that like there is of course rumors that a lot of Twitter employees are aware of like left wing. And maybe. You know, like some of these decisions in the company are guided by the fact that the you know on on some side of political spectrum. That's not good. That like there should be like absolute freedom of freedom of speech. As Elon says, that's another point of view. His kind of freedom speech absolutist speech should be completely free. Everyone should be accepted to the platform. Some other people die side that like freedom of speech is not that easy like there should be some norms than on the country. Yeah, and then they say like that. Elon of course will allow Donald Trump back on Twitter. Donald Trump because of that, can have a higher chance of being in the election. And then if he's the President, Iran can get all the spice deals he wants for the Spice 6. So it's like a very long kind of theory why it can be helpful for you then? But yeah, there are just like so many arguments on the both sides, like why. And all of that. But of course it's a lot of like what rich people just get our own and media. So the founder of Salesforce. Marketing of hip hop time like. Obviously Bezos he owns Washington Post, so it's like of course it's a good thing to control media. Other people tell that maybe it's a good thing that Evan can fix. Twitter can try to make it a better place, but he can be distracted from his mind. Companies like Tesla and SpaceX, but things which Elon is offering to Twitter are completely like making sense. You know, focusing on, like you know removing all descriptors scanbot, adding more like freedom of speech. Might be focused in the company of faster execution and all of that. But on the other hand, maybe it can ruin the company culture and a lot of people will just leave and a lot of users will leave from Twitter, so it's like actually pretty interesting case. So that's that. And like WikiLeaks. Twitter says that today the board of Twitter basically told their shareholders that they would rather cry the entire company that let Elon Musk buy them out fairly. Uh. Umm? So OK. I don't like of course, and there are just like. And for example, Amazon, NBC, SAS, Elon Musk, Twitter, take cover would set very dangerous precedent. It is our job to control what? What exactly people think so? People are like talent. That? OK thank you MSNBC for admitting what we already knew. So all of this like there is a huge discussion. Like what do you think?

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