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Emmo Mood Diary app - best self-journaling app?
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what is Emmo app? why it is so popular?

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So definitely check out this app, which is called Emmo app. It sometimes goes viral and it's called Emmo Diary app. So I think the idea is really amazing, as we can see from their description on the app store. It's a place where you can record your mood anytime, anywhere, happy or sad, sorrow or sweet small tree hall. Listen to all your good and trouble.

So Emmo Diary allows people to keep a diary in a different way so you can just go to the app and yeah, when you are feeling like nice or sad or anything like that, you can just record that day and every day with some kind of emoji. So today I'm smiling. This is smiling emoji tomorrow like I'm sad or I'm not smiling. I'm just neutral and I'm keeping that. And then I just describe how I'm feeling today.

I can just attach some images, some text, some notes. I can just do it like every day. And this is just like the point of that where you can just record your everyday and have just like an idea, how are you feeling every day and what is your mood and what are your thoughts?

So that's basically the app.

Surprisingly, it got a lot of traction because it has elements of meditation app where it's kind of like self journaling every day you're recording, how are you feeling? What is your mood and all of that.

But also it has really nice simplistic design. It looks like a note pad. It doesn't feel like you're in some meditation therapy app, but also recently I discovered it is used as like a social media app or something like that. So you can find similar people who are in the same mood as you, or you can message other people or connect with other people who have some similar mood swings and all of that.

It has 18K ratings on the App Store 4.9 out of five average review. So that's pretty amazing.

A lot of people write that. I love the cute format and how easy it is to navigate. This is allow the app just to unwind and write an online Journal. This is app is great.

So this is just like the reviews. A lot of five star reviews here, but could see some changes. This app is amazing. I have had many dials, but I have never used them and join the app, but normally don't work on me. But simplicity of the app makes it easy to write out my day.

So I think it's the best diary app right now. And of course, the cool that they added is like social media element, and it makes this app really amazing. So definitely try it out post for meditation and for connecting with other people.

So I'm not sure actually about if it raised some funding or all of that, but it's definitely growing. Actually, you can see some non Latin characters like Araglips or something basically.

So not sure if it's available, but there you have the app. I think it was just developed by some Japanese or Chinese developer and it keeps building up and it's in top 100 charts in the app store. So definitely check it out. It's really nice to use app very minimalistic design and a lot of people like it, so check out that and leave your reviews.

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