EMMO - Mood diary - app overview & how to use (Video)

EMMO – Mood diary – app overview & how to use

‎EMMO - Mood diary
‎EMMO is a place where you can record your mood anytime, anywhere, happy or sad, sour or sweet.This is a small tree hole, listen to all your good and trouble.This is a small world that only belongs to you, where you can express your emotions with self-made expressions.EMMO diary allows people to …
EMMO- Emoji Merge Game - Apps on Google Play
EMMO is a wonderful casual Merge game.

EMMO is a place where you can record your mood anytime, anywhere, happy or sad, sour or sweet.

This is a small tree hole, listen to all your good and trouble.

This is a small world that only belongs to you, where you can express your emotions with self-made expressions.

EMMO diary allows people to keep a diary in a different way.

Travel in your own small world in the way of self-made expression + text, come to EMMO diary to record the life.

Emmo mood diary app


hey everyone welcome to mr hacky youtube channel so i create some videos about cool apps and software so please subscribe to my channel i'm trying to reach 100 000 subscribers it's quite ambitious aim but anyways in this video we're gonna go through ammo so this is a new trending app about how to record your daily mood how to improve your productivity how to yeah just to create to-do lists but which are much more creative so let's dive into the app so let's go through this ammo mode diary app which recently is in the top charts in us app store and it's going viral so you can see it's a number six app in utilities category it's kind of crazy so um and the idea of this app is super simple that you uh just record your daily expressions there are these cool emoticons that's why i think the app is called ammo and you just record how you feel every day.

So you just tap on emoti convince reflects your mood today and then you just do it every day and then you just have like a calendar of emoticons where you yeah uh something like that uh the one downside of this app is that i think it's developed either in japan or china so it's not translated properly so if you are from like english-speaking country some of them mind you some parts of the app are not in english still and you can't just translate them so that's a bit of an issue um but there you have it so you can just open the app here and this is how it looks like ouch so yeah you have like may you have previous months and you can just tap on every day either past or present today date and then just select what was your mood and then you can see something like okay on thursday i was happy because and then you can just change the colors obviously you can just add some comments you can add it you can set time you can add stickers uh you can add checklists uh you can add like photo video recording any picture so that's kind of cool so it's not just like the mood taker is just basically i don't know like thank you notes app where you can just strike every day what did you do uh what are you grateful for or just use it as a to-do list as well like if you completed some tasks you are happy about you can just leave them in this app and yeah they will be synced here so some kind of solution like that uh so yeah and then it's just added and as you can see i just added my mood on that day.

It is now it's added in the bottom right you have uh all this uh moods where all the other people just are posting different moods [Music] yeah okay maybe it's just different emoticons and stuff like that so something like this um and yeah then every day you can just add and edit your mood if you want some more additional cool emoticons you can always like just purchase them just tap buy and then it's like one zero ninety nine dollars so that's kind of cool so something like that then you have all the calendar you can go to the calendar view you can go to their instagram and that's basically it you can share or delete your mood so if you want to share this is how your picture will look like and then you can just share it on any messenger instagram snapchat wherever you are using so that's just the idea of the app

So, i think it's kind of super cool [Music] yeah then there is menu in the bottom left uh so the yeah you can create your account with uh user email and password or if you're on ios with apple id then you can also set password you can also set all these like settings um you can export the diary you can [Music] contact support so here is basically the support hello ammo at 100 um you can encourage suggestions i don't know what is the okay so there is also the chart and you will see the mood score this month and bar chart emotions mood proportion diagram and all of that then you can also share that and then you can also of course change the styling of your of your app uh so that's kind of cool you can change the font but i just can't find where you can change it so the app can be translated to english i think it should be released soon because it doesn't make sense that this app is in the top charts on us app store and it still doesn't have us translation uh for some yeah features and then in top right there is also like permanent member of ammo and they have this discount.

So, you can become a lifetime member for 199 so yeah you can support multiple image inserts local stickers all seams or fonts you can change the position of the image so basically all the styling all this stuff and then if you just tap that that i think is just one time payment so it's not even like a monthly recording payment so i think it's a super cheap price so if you're enjoying this app definitely give it a try probably just like two dollars whatever in top right you can just tap restore and restore your previous purchases yeah then when you create the account you have your id you have your profile picture which you can just upload and your profile picture is moving in this like funny way here so that's also fun yeah and then you can all sync with that with your icloud not sure exactly how that works

But yeah there you have it then you have also noticed password um that's that let's go to their instagram oh wait so yeah okay so the photo circle added in your diary will be displayed there so that's also a cool feature so there you have it something like that guys uh yeah so that's the app definitely give it a try thank you for sticking around hope you enjoyed this quick preview of the Emmo app go get it super cool app to try it out um also again like this video subscribe to my channel i'm trying to reach hundred thousand subscribers visit my website mrhac.io you can also sign up for a newsletter there and check out my podcast so thanks for watching guys and see you in the next videos.