Epicurious recipes app - how to use? Should you upgrade?

Hey everyone, here is the app called Epicurious, one of the best apps for recipes, where you can easily find recipes for basically anything and you can see this app is constantly in the top charts for food and drink. And this is like the ultimate recipe resource for curious home cooks. Discover more than 50,000 recipes from the biggest names in cooking, including Epicurious, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Harper Collins and more within your Epicurious app. And there's choices for both search and have save options. Yeah, so you can see here how it looks like. It's constantly being highlighted by Apple. Tap to get started. You can start your free trial for seven days or let's just skip for now to see how it looks like. So here's the app. You can just see all of these recipes, featured recipes. You can also just see trending now. So for example, if you want to bake your own bread, like if you want to do like vegan panna cotta or if you want to read about cake. But unfortunately you need to start a free trial to access those, like to access those trending recipes. But I just want to see, okay, so it seems it's not even possible to read recipes without upgrading. And then if you want to also bookmark, you also need to upgrade. Then for example, if you want to search for something, you can just look for something quick. But yeah, you can't just look for anything without upgrading, which is a bit unfortunate to be honest. Then you can see your saved recipes. You must be signed in to save recipes and then there are settings. And then for example, if I want to start a free trial, so let's see what the pricing is here. Get unlimited access to all the recipes and then you can get it monthly for 4.99 or annual yearly 39.99 per year. So that's what you can get. Not that expensive. Yeah, not that cheap, but yeah, if you like cooking, definitely give a try to this app. You can just try it out for seven days and then if you don't like it, just cancel. Remember to cancel like if you don't like it, you need to cancel the latest on the sixth day because if you cancel on the seventh day, you will be charged still. That's just how the free trial works. Yeah, so that's the app. Just very easy, very minimalistic. You can't do anything without free trial, but it's very well designed and it's very easy to understand and to navigate and just to search. Yeah, so as you can see, recipes are for subscribers only, you must be signed in and subscribe to access recipes. So there you have it. Hope this is helpful.

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