EPIK app 90s yearbook - can’t save photos…

In case you have purchased the yearbook featuring the EPIK app and are struggling to save the photos, you are not alone. Many users are experiencing difficulties with saving photos using the app. Let me share my own experience with you.

When attempting to save a photo from the app, it may appear that the photo is not being saved. I encountered this issue as well. In my case, I selected a photo and tried to save it by tapping on the save button. However, nothing happened. It seemed as though the photo was not being saved.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that despite the lack of a visible confirmation, the photo was indeed being saved. There seems to be a delay in updating the save button indicating that the photo has been successfully saved. So, even though the photo does not appear to be saved initially, it eventually shows that it has been saved.

If you encounter this issue, there is an alternative method to ensure that your photos are saved. Simply tap on the share button and choose the option to share the photo with yourself or through a messaging app like Messenger. This will effectively save the photo to your device.

Additionally, the app offers the ability to add different templates to your photos before exporting them. So, if you want to enhance your photos further, you can take advantage of this feature.

It is worth noting that the delay in the save button display and the inability to save photos immediately may be a bug in the app. However, rest assured that your photos are being saved despite the visual feedback issue.

It is recommended to keep an eye out for app updates as developers are likely to address this bug and provide a smoother user experience in future updates. Until then, utilize the alternative methods mentioned to ensure your photos are saved successfully.

Overall, the EPIK app's 90s yearbook features a unique and nostalgic experience. Despite the minor issue with saving photos, the app still offers valuable features such as adding templates and sharing options. Give it a try and relive the nostalgic memories of the 90s!

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