EPIK Yearbook “SOLD OUT” Please wait a minute…

The EPIK Yearbook app has been causing quite a stir lately. With its viral popularity on TikTok, millions of teenagers and social media enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on the yearbook images generated by the app. However, it seems that the demand has surpassed the app's capacity, resulting in frequent "sold out" notifications and sporadic availability.

The process of generating these yearbook images involves three steps. Unfortunately, when users reach the third step, they are often greeted with the sold out option and a request to wait for a minute. Two options are presented - a standard option that promises the images to be ready in 24 hours and an express option that guarantees the images in just two hours with a limit of 60 images.

The availability of these options seems to fluctuate unpredictably. The standard option is sometimes sold out while the express option becomes unavailable at other times. It appears that the app's servers are not fully prepared to handle the overwhelming demand, leading the developers to limit access and implement a queue system.

To complicate matters, the pricing also varies depending on the availability. The standard option is priced at $3.99, but if users really want the images, they need to be prepared to pay $6 for the express option. This price difference is a result of the standard option being cheaper but not always available.

Given the app's popularity, it is advisable to plan ahead when using it. Avoid peak times, such as weekends and US time, as the app may become inaccessible or sold out. Users in different time zones, like Europe, should take into account the time difference, ensuring they try the app during less crowded periods, such as early mornings, late evenings, or overnight.

The wait time for the "sold out" status to change can vary. While it often becomes available within a few minutes, there are instances where the promised minute wait does not hold true. It would be helpful if the app specified that the minute wait is not strictly 60 seconds, but rather an undefined time period.

Overall, the popularity of the EPIK Yearbook app has strained its servers, leading to temporary sold out statuses and limited availability. However, with a little planning and patience, users can still enjoy the app's AI-generated yearbook images by timing their usage during less crowded periods.

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