ESPN TOURNAMENT CHALLENGE app - quick overview

Are you excited about March Madness? Do you love to fill out those brackets and predict the outcomes of the games? Well, if you are an ESPN fan, look no further than the ESPN Tournament Challenge app. In this quick overview, we'll show you how to install the app on an iPhone and explore some of its features. To start, tap to download the ESPN Tournament Challenge app. It's worth noting that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the app, and with a total of $100K in grand prizes, it's bound to be exciting for users. The prize money will be distributed to those who correctly predict the champions of either the men's or women's bracket games. After the app is downloaded, open it up. Here, you will be given the option to allow or disable notifications from the app. You can also sign up later. Once you've made your decision, you'll be taken to the main interface with several features. Firstly, you'll have access to brackets that you can fill out. Then, you can check out scores of the games as they happen. Additionally, read up on the latest news related to the tournament. Further, you can join groups of other users to share your opinions and predictions. Finally, you can check the leaderboard for the top performers. ESPN Tournament Challenge is one of the top apps for March Madness bracket predictions. And, it's the top bracket app in the market, as users can easily create their brackets and compete with others. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out!

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