Espresso House mobile app - how to use?

The Espresso House mobile app is a convenient tool for coffee lovers who frequent this popular European coffee shop chain. While Starbucks holds a prominent place in the coffee industry, Espresso House has emerged as a formidable competitor. Whether you plan on placing a single order or making multiple purchases, downloading this app is highly recommended. By using the app, you can not only accumulate loyalty points but also gain access to exclusive app-only deals and even make payments seamlessly. Let's explore how to make the most of this mobile app.

First, tap to open the Espresso House app and you will be greeted with a start screen. Here, you will find various coupons and offers that you can take advantage of. Upon registering your account with your phone number, you can even receive a discount of 10 Danish Krona, as this feature currently caters to customers in Denmark. Additionally, by trying the pre-order option, you can receive a generous 50% discount on a drink. These coupons are readily available simply by registering your phone number.

Once you have unlocked these discounts, they will appear in your wallet within the app. In the wallet section, you can easily manage and view all the coupons that are available to you. Furthermore, you can add your preferred payment cards for quick and easy transactions, as well as view and keep track of your receipts. Additionally, if you have a coffee card, you can conveniently top it up from within the app or even gift a top-up to someone else. The app also provides the option to order from the store's merchandise selection.

For those on the go, the app offers the option to pre-order your beverages for pickup at your nearest Espresso House location. Simply select your desired drinks, specify the pickup time, and complete the order. This feature is particularly useful if you are in a hurry and want to skip the line.

Need to find an Espresso House near you? The app includes a store locator feature that guides you to the nearest store in your area. It also provides contact information in case you need to reach out for support or have any queries. Additionally, you can surprise your friends by sending them a gift through the app, making it simple to share the love of coffee.

In summary, the Espresso House mobile app offers a range of features designed to enhance your coffee shop experience. Through loyalty points, exclusive deals, the ability to pre-order, and other convenient functionalities, this app provides a seamless and rewarding interaction with the Espresso House chain. So, if you are a coffee enthusiast or simply enjoy the occasional cup of joe, make sure to download the Espresso House mobile app and unlock all the benefits it has to offer.

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