Even App - quick preview & how to install on iPhone?

years even app it's your pay your way so let's just install it on iPhone let's just see how it works even App Partners with leading employers to provide a game changing new benefit the tools you need to manage your money you can just get paid early request up to 50 of your next paycheck early and you can receive funds in seconds so starts having automatically choose a percentage of each paycheck you want to sell and it will put in your savings earn interested to international rate manage your budget easily projects your earnings even tracks your work schedule and makes automatic updates after each shift you'll see how much money you made per shift and per price check so yeah here you can see some rates for example uh yeah so that's the app so let's just open it up create an account or sign in so to create an account uh you need to do an account like that and then there is some code yeah anyhow so that's the idea it's only possible to use like us codes seems like that um so yeah that's basically the process how you just can get started it seems I have some problems here but that's what it is

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