Evidation app - quick overview & how it works

so when you create an account navigation app here's how you can connect Apple health so just tap on Apple health so I'm doing it while creating my account and then um here you can just connect all of these points um and then yeah just tap next and by doing this you can then just earn some points and some even cash uh with this irritation app so yeah I earned 50 points already for that and then yeah so here you can see your details you can refer friends so here you can just copy your referral code [Music] so yeah something like that feel free to use my referral code so just for you to know so points how many do you need um earn up to 80 points per day for each tracked variable activity bike and working running swim in other forms to exercise um so you need at least 10 000 points to reach a reward um if your education member account is not active any and all points in your account will expire active means you have completed at least once offer in the last 12 months so yeah you need 10 000 points so that's not not lethal um but it's doable and I don't know what the reward is for ten thousand is it like ten dollars or something like that but there you have it so yeah uh 10 reward for ten thousand points and then here you can just track it um so yeah um hope that is helpful

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